Important Update

Dear Stella User,

Stella is moving to and launching a new platform later this year for candidates seeking hourly employment opportunities in front-line positions in retail, hospitality, supply chain, and related industries.

The new platform will include a new mobile application (IOS and Android) optimized for easy discovery of jobs and quick apply. Please visit us at to register to be notified when the new platform is live.

The current Stella service will no longer be accessible from Nov 15th, 2019.

Best of luck with your job search!

Stella Team


Frequently Asked Questions

How many open roles are on your platform?

Stella is fortunate to include within its talent network a wide range of top enterprises, including 50 companies in the Fortune 500. Our clients include tech startups, hospitals, charter schools, entertainment companies, fashion companies, retail companies, and more. Every day, we add more companies to our network, with all of their job openings. Across all industries, Stella maintains tens of thousands of open roles at any given time.

If I’m not immediately presented jobs, what are my options?

Make sure that you have uploaded a valid resume and completely filled out your Stella profile. The information you include is what we use to match you to jobs, and the resume you provide is passed on to companies after you apply. Every day we add new jobs to our platform. If your profile is active, meaning that you have logged in within the previous 45 days, you will automatically be considered for all of them. If Stella finds a great match, you will be notified by email. You can also opt to be notified by text message.

We are committed to helping you find a job you’ll love. We will continuously monitor all of our open roles against your profile until you explicitly opt-out, by disabling or deleting your account.

Will companies see me if I’m not a match?

Stella cannot hurt your chances of getting a job, only help them. Companies will never receive any information from us unless you are a fit and you confirm your interest by clicking “Apply.” Companies use Stella to see carefully screened and vetted candidates who they tend to look at first, much like they would if a search firm proposed a candidate.

If you recommend a job to me and I confirm interest, what will companies see?

Companies will see your resume, contact information, and a summary of why Stella (our virtual recruiter) believes that you would do well and be a good fit for the job.

Can companies search for my profile in the Stella system?

Only if you opt-in. Otherwise your profile is not visible in any public place or made accessible to any companies or recruiters. If you do opt-in, you can exclude certain companies you want to remain private from.

What if I would like to stop receiving opportunities?

You can disable your account on the Account Settings page of your profile. When your account is disabled, you will no longer receive any opportunities from Stella but you will still be able to login and make changes to your profile. You can re-enable your account at any time to again start receiving opportunities.

If you would prefer to delete your account entirely, please email us at